Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Big Boy Bedroom Bonanza

I have hinted and toyed with you long enough here and here.  And then I took you all to stripe painting school and taught you how to add horizontal magic on your walls here.  You all earned an A+ for tolerating a very long post all about some stripes.  But in the end you all stuck it out to see my son's playroom become his big boy bedroom.  You all waited to see a little man graduate into a big boy bed.  And you all held my "hand" during the process.  I know, sniff sniff. 

Sound like an Oscar speech?  Well maybe a golden globes champagne induced thank you.  Either way... enough slurring and onto the goods.  Right?  Not so fast.. gotta show you the before.  Be ready for red.  Lots-o-red.

If you want to see how this used to look, when it was cute, take a gander here.  It was very cute as many of you told me.  I appreciate that... but my son has grown from a lot of the toys, the play table, and needed to evolve into a bigger kid room.  And despite the fact that the playroom and bedroom are really the same size, where the door and closet hit really make a difference.

First you start with this mess.  And yes, that is my son's toddler bed on the corner of the floor.  Nothing but class in this joint I tell ya:
As you can see we had a bad Target red and tan thing going on in here.  No offense Target.  I love you.  I do.  I can drop $100 in ten minutes in your store I don't have a list when I come in.  I just did not need to see it anymore.

Enter in one of the easiest mattress purchases in the world.  We all loved one for the comfort and the cost and they had one in stock.  We can bring it home and save delivery and it fits in our car?  Score!

**Yes for those of you still awake you will see we painted the room before buying the mattress to have to avoid lots of moving and covering of furniture.**

When all is said and done with paint, purchasing, and planning you get this.  I am uber-thrilled with the results.  Oh, and my son loves it too.  In fact, he spontaneously demands photo shoots on the new bed.  That's my boy...

Enter the door and look to the left and you see the dresser and the display shelves.  We put up pictures, trinkets from our Disney travel, sports memories, and original artwork by my little man himself:

And to the right you have the big boy bed and some more artwork.  Yes, those are my little pumpkin's hands.  Figured I would capture them at four when he moved rooms.  And when he would sit still to hear "Mommy thinks this is really cute":

So there you have it in a very long nutshell. 

Shopping List:
Bed:  Crate and Barrel (BIG splurge from my savings).   My son asked how long he will keep this bed.  I told him "forever".  That is how long I want it to last. 
Bedding:  Ikea for the duvet cover.  Walmart for the orange sheets- on clearance for nine dollars- boo yahh!
Stuffed Animal Bag- aka Awesome Raccoon Loot Bag:  The Container Store
Decorative Pillows:  Crate and Barrel for the "&" and Etsy for the dots (email me if you want site info)
Shelves:  Ikea
Most of the artwork in frames from Etsy (email me if you want the site info)
White and silver frames:  Ikea


  1. Awesome and creative boys room! The colors and themes you chose are so original. I right away noticed the raccoon ;) Oh, and I have that floor lamp in my room, except I put a girly shade that I inherited from my mom on it. Little man is adorable!

  2. Thank you so much for all the nice comments and for always stopping by! I really appreciate it!

  3. Beautiful! I took my little boy's room from lime green to light gray this week, and the difference is amazing. Great job!

  4. I love the entire makeover! This would look so good in my four year old son's room too. Off to read your stripes tutorial....

    1. seriously- DO NOT be afraid. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. A good level, some patience, and prime the stripes with the base color is the magic you need!

  5. Gray is seriously the new black ;) Love it. Thank you for such nice comments everyone! We were super-thrilled with the results!

  6. You guys did a great job! This room will definitely grow with your little man. I'm painting my stripes in my kids bath soon, your tutorial is a big help. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the nice words and stopping by. And glad it can help you... We're all here to help each other- that's how I feel! :)

  7. Great room makeover! I love all the typography elements that you included in the artwork.

  8. Thanks! I do have to admit I am a big fan of typography. Perhaps I am trying to pass it along ;)

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