Monday, April 16, 2012

Sandcastle Mania

This weekend started with energy and great intentions.  But factor in two sleepless nights and you get the sloth-factor.  I had plans to take pictures for a house tour.  Fail.  I had plans to organize a bit.  Fail.  You get the picture.  The storm that came Saturday night was horrible.  Like thunderstorms, wind, power out, kid crying, all the family (including the cat) tucked under blankets out of fear in the bed.  My Hubby admitted that he was waiting to hear the sirens go off any moment.  Glad he kept that to himself.

We did get a break in the hellish weather on Saturday to get in some outside time.  My son took full advantage with the first run in his sandbox.  This year I can already see much more time in there.  Much more imagination and play time this round.  He created worlds and characters.  Of course all of them battle each other.  Boys...

If I only knew how this was literally the calm before the storm I might have done a few things different.  Although kicking back, watching my son play with the sand, and relaxing....hmm.  Maybe I would not change a thing.


  1. Nothing...I repeat...nothing is more important than sandy toes!