Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whistle While You Work...

Yep.  I got Disney on my brain.  Only because in a few short days I will unplug from it all to go there.  Like so excited I can feel my skin tanning now and an actual smile on my face for many days.  Lately those have been pretty hard to find with how stressful work has become so I'll take it.

I got so many nice comments about my outdoor room seen here.  Thank you for that.  Sounds sappy but some positivity in my recent pile of negativity poop really makes my day.  I wanted to show you the basics on how I made this simple coffee table.  It all started with a pile of wood.  Doesn't it seem all my projects lately start with this:

Let me explain why I am making a table.  For those of you that have read my blog for a while you might remember our new table we loved  here.  Well, let's just say that you sometimes really do get what you pay for.  It was cheap and nice.  But cheap equals destruction with the strong winds my area gets.  We did not want to buy another set this year and decided to work with what we have.  Enter in black chairs we already own, one metal bucket we have on hand, and my imagination.  Off I went.

I should give the disclaimer that many of these steps were not photographed.  I have no excuse.  Beat me with a wet noodle.  Or a set of Mickey Ears.

I was torn on how to attach this to the bucket.  Do I use a metal bracket to the side?  Do I make an "X" out of wood and attach boards to it?  In the end I decided to be easy.  We bought some cheap plywood to glue all my real wood to.  Here is how thin and workable the plywood was.

Now this is where I really should have taken pictures but I did not.  Probably from the fear of using my new saw to make a perfect circle.  Also because I had to make two circles.  Before I cut the circles I laid out my wood to start to visualize it.

I tried a technique to make a circle by putting a nail in the center, hooking string to it, and using a pencil.  That looked all pretty on HGTV.  In Melissa TV that does not work.  Fail.  So I took the form that is our fire pit protective base and traced it.  It seemed OK.  We cut.  And by we I mean me but my Hubby was good to steady my board.  I was happy with my cut but not happy with how large it was.  Hmmm.... amazing what a quickie trip for McDonald's food does for those thinking skills.  I think it must be the perfect fountain cokes they carry.  I figured out if I use an old school protractor to trace the circle I already have cut I could then enlarge the circle a few inches.  Heck, it worked.  So we cut again.  Anxiety gone and all fingers in place.  Success.

Next came the glue and lots of it.  I glued those babies down so they would not move as I used this coffee table, set my feet on it, serve my five year old snacks on it, and stand up to overall shenanigans.

You might notice the wood is beaten up.  Same technique used here and here.  Beat the heck out of the wood with a hammer, nail, scissors, and whatever objects you want to use.  Very good anxiety release.  I tend to see this technique as my therapist.

I let this dry for twenty four hours and the next day I used my saw to once again cut the circle.  This time I just flipped it over and used the plywood circle as my guide.  Surprisingly, this also went well.  Was a lot more arm work because the boards are thicker but it all went well.  I sanded the edges down, stained the table, and then used poly on the table.

And there you go.  Instant coffee table.  Let's check this baby out one more time.

I can see a glass of wine resting on it now.  Until then... Disney awaits.


  1. I love your table! But, I *really* love your deck!! :-) Are those painted boards or are they composite? We need to do something to ours, and have been considering paint vs. stain/sealer... Anyway, really pretty table--- one more for the "to-do" list! :-)

  2. Thanks! Our deck is actually painted cedar. We did a stain to start and found paint to be a better choice for us. We typically use Behr products from Home Depot. I would say if you can afford composit that would be my first choice. Paint is easy to maintain but still needs yearly maintenance. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Where did you get your big bucket from? :)

    1. Hi! I just did a search online and found it. I believe it came from some kind of feed store.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi there! I bought the rug on overstock.com a few years ago. I am sure they will hVe something similar. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm just curious how u attached the top of the table to the bucket

    1. I used liquid nails and then clear caulk to seal it closed. Some people have told me they were going to try and attack hinges so the bucket can be used for storage but not sure how that worked. Thanks for stopping by!