Thursday, January 9, 2014

IKEA Haircut

I realized I never posted a few close ups of the birthday details from my Hubby's 40th birthday.  I wrestled in my head a few ideas to be a theme for him but most seemed like little boy birthday and then it hit me.  Football.  Those that have visited my Nest often knows we breathe college football, the date of the party was the big playoff game day, and touchdown it was set (intentional pun).

Birthday boy and smaller boy.

Party City was my friend for the basic yellow and blue supplies (Michigan- Go Blue!) along with the football chip and dip bowls.  The dessert table was a must for my sweet-loving Hubby and surprisingly Walmart made awesome grass cupcakes.

Dessert table delish.

But I think my favorite accent was the centerpieces where I used the 40th image from the party invites and some grass cups from IKEA.  I quickly gave them a haircut to appear like AstroTurf and they just were that perfect touch. Surprisingly I got the most complements on cutting some cheap Home Depot AstroTurf to cover all the food and dessert tables.

IKEA haircuts for all.

The food were simple wraps that were high on flavor- Buffalo Chicken WON hands down and pasta salad.  Overall everyone had a great time, left with full bellies, and LOTS of laughs.  

Wraps were a hit.

Some of you might be scratching your head after looking at these pictures wondering where a stone fireplace suddenly came from.  Well the answer is simple- we rented the clubhouse in our community.  Having the space for the adults, the kids (I did a craft table for them), a roaring fire, and the large flat screen TV gave the party room to breathe yet felt cozy all at once.  

Just a quick reminder how young he turned.

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour.  Sorry you could not be there but the clubhouse has a occupancy limit. Next time I'll save you a football cupcake.  Happy Birthday Hubby.  You make 40 look good.

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