Thursday, April 17, 2014


Can you believe it?  This this amazing little gift to my world turns six this week?  
I can still remember with great detail the day he came into my world. And now, six!
It's hard for me to wrap my head around this so I plan to spend a long weekend with him. 
We plan to:
1.  Eat cake. 
2.  Bowl and dance with a bowling pin. 
3.  Spend fun times making memories as a family. 

Be back next week. Maybe I'll give you a status update on door and trim palooza. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Get Ya Egg On

Remember last year when I bought wooden eggs and we painted them instead of dying them?  Well I did it again this year.  Exactly the same.  Only double.  Go me.

Still lots of fun and still a great outcome.  

This year stickers came into the mix.  And they rocked.

This egg project might have inspired a future art project.  Minus the eggs.  Oh and the pastels.  
Stay tuned and Happy early Easter.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Watch Him Grow

**Update.  If my Instagram looks a bit odd I am working on a fix.  I did not suddenly start taking pictures of models or white ghosts.**

**Second update.  Appears despite my fixes Instagram and I are not being BFF's right now.  I am going to remove that feature for now on my sidebar but please feel free in the meantime to follow me on Instagram Here**

My son has been begging me for nearly a year to start measuring him on the wall.  He would pick out spots and say "you could do it right here Mommy".  What I did not like about the wall idea, as I never shy away from a project, was I could not take it with me.  I plan to only have one child and I savor every memory so I took in some research on my good buddy Pinterest and came up with some plans.  I was most inspired by these two ladies:


Wanna see what I came up with?  

I must admit I am pretty surprised how well this turned out.  We ALL have seen some pretty serious Pinterest fails (myself included) but this one actually worked.  I simply used a little gray stain on a pre-cut six foot pine board, printed out some numbers on the computer and pressed very hard tracing them to make an indent, and filled in with sharpie marker.  

Almost looks like it is vinyl but that is all sharpie baby.  Bring on the permanent marker love.  I should also add my ruler and patience also helped be my love that day to get to this end product.  

The best part of this project was getting to make the marks from dates we have saved height markings and my son getting his first time standing next to the wall.  His face lit up and I got a huge "thank you Mommy" hug and kiss.  

That is really all that matters.

Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Green and White and Green All Over

That would be me.  
After getting pelted with paint on a St. Patty's Day race. 
And celebrating with losing seven minutes of 5K time with one green beer.

So. Much. Fun.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Blank Slate

Hello!  Sorry it has been so long but life really tossed my family some major lemons over the past few weeks and I honestly had a hard time making any lemonade.  In fact most of it we are still dealing with and trying to understand but I feel ready to get somewhat back into my routine.  Part of that is getting back to all of you and I appreciate the patience and space I have been given during this break.

Before all the nasty lemons came my way I hinted about how my Hubby and I have been thinking and planning on next steps for our house.  We have an idea of what last projects we want to complete before this home feels "done".  One big one we are in the thick of is transforming all the brown trim to white.  I can report to date we are exactly 50% complete (big happy dance there).  Clean, white trim makes everything seem to fresh and new.

The other big project for us is that we have come to realize our front room needed a big change.  I rarely show that room in photos because the color was no longer us and the furniture really did not fit our needs. You have seen the dining room rarely in action on holidays only and besides that, big o' dust collection room. We realized this needed to happen and now the room looks like this:

Welcome to our vacant front room.  We made some sales, we have some plans, and as you can see the 50% of the completed trim obviously is the upstairs of the house.  Darn brown trim *shaking fist at the air*.   My son is loving the space right now which is why we have a soccer net along with a nice collection of paper airplanes that conveniently works for a play zone in this endless winter.   The front room also serves as our perfect paint-the-doors-from-nasty-brown-to-clean-white zone.  

So here I am with a refreshed spirit that craves all things fresh, clean, and new.  Thanks again for sticking by me during this unexpected break and returning to my Nest for the changes that come in the future.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Regroup, Refocus, and Breathe

Hi all.  I know things have been a bit silent around here.  This is kind of normal this time of year when I wait for the snow to melt and my inspiration to bloom.  But this year is a bit different.  My Hubby and I have several projects we want to get done.  In our head is a full list of what we want to see this house evolve to is already in place.  But without going into much detail all of that is on hold.  Life has tossed us a 180 and we are doing our best to regroup, refocus our priorities, and breath during the process.

I do not like complications, I do not like drama and I thrive in some stability and just enough structure to help to balance my day.  I know I am not giving much detail and honestly I probably  never will.  I hope that does not offend that I share my life with you but I do still have some boundaries and limits I will take myself and this blog to.  Thank you all for respecting that and for helping me with good thoughts to weather this storm.

Until then I had a fun time outside in the snow with my son this weekend just to take a break.  All the snow is a solid block of ice so we were able to stand ON TOP of three feet of snow.  I stood OVER my fire pit without going into the snow.  It made for lots of laughs and my son breaking into an imaginary figure skating routine on all the ice.  During that time I snapped this picture with my phone and really trying to focus to remember this each day:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Homie Time

Happy Monday all!  Hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was very productive and I need a weekend from my weekend.  For those that follow me on Facebook you heard the news that operation paint-the-ugly-brown-trim is in full effect around this nest.  I already got the full upstairs trim done.  Well, err, except for doors.  Oh those doors- they haunt me!  But either way, progress is progress.  

I have to say I LOVE the way the trim looks white.  It actually looks like a whole new house as I turn corners.  Except then those haunted brown doors slap me back into realty.  Paint is not the agenda every weekend as we have some fun, family stuff planned but also we don't want my son to remember life with a paint can always in the picture.  I'll take some pictures once I get the chance and maybe share a few of our future plans for the house as they are starting to come together.

Until then.... my Nest was nominated for an Apartment Therapy Homie Award again this year.  Would you be a good bird and add some votes to my nest?  Thanks much!

Have a great week!