Monday, May 9, 2016

On privacy

Hello all!  Long time no talk. I see some of you are still peeking around at my nest each day so I thought I would finalize things with a few final thoughts instead of a immediate shut down of my nest.  As you can see all posts are gone. Many years of opening up with you and welcoming you into my house, taking pictures to share,  and meeting my family all were erased in a matter of minutes. It was a fun ride and difficult to eliminate what was like a journal for me, but I cannot help but think, in this current world we live in, that privacy is more important than profit. My family wants to unwind without a camera. And I cannot help but wonder about the impact on kids lives these blogs will have as the get older and say "um Mom, that's MY face and not yours to share". It gets me thinking about child advertisement and where that line has blurred with some blogs plastering their kids all over it while Mom (and often Dad) profit. It's a gray line I no longer wish to balance so this will be my only post that remains. Thank you again for your support through the years and good luck to you all. Keep on painting, keep on being creative, and do not ever step away from the chalkboard paint.